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    UH Institutional Report, period 2017-2020

    Dr. Yehuda Bar Shalom's Rectory
    UH Institutional Report, period 2017-2020

    The arrival in 2017 of Dr. Yehuda Bar Shalom to serve as Rector was part of the strategic plan of the Hebraic University in order to continue with the line of growth that the institution had started years before: on the one hand, to continue reinforcing its “core” , that is to say Jewish studies, Jewish and Hebrew education; but there was also an expectation of expansion into academic areas and disciplines related to general themes of education, wellness, psychotherapy and innovation. Bar Shalom helped the professional team and the volunteer leadership to carry out processes of rethinking goals and strategic actions to expand the role of the University as a leading academic institution in Mexico and the region, as well as to increase its impact within and outside the Jewish community. Overall, the Rector helped to make the UH’s message more explicit: a leading institution on Jewish issues, but also the bearer of the voice of Jewish wisdom, the Tikun Olam and the innovation that distinguishes the people of Israel. This is how the years from 2017 to 2020, led by Bar Shalom, were marked by the growth of the UH in official and continuing education programs. Three new official programs were launched which have official validity recognition (RVOE) before the SEP and activities were started in the area of Innovation. At the end of the 2020 academic year, there are five academic areas, nine postgraduate courses, a bachelor’s degree and more than 50 courses in continuing education and teaching of Hebrew per year. Towards the end of 2018, a strategic planning exercise was carried out in which the Rector, the professional team and the volunteers worked intensively to define the direction of the UH for the next five years.