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    On-site Master of Jewish Studies
    Approach the study of the history and development of Jewish civilization from an academic and multidisciplinary perspective.
    • February 2, 2021
    • Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    • Modality: face-to-face

    Train specialists, teachers in higher grades, educators, department coordinators, as well as researchers on different topics related to Judaism.
    The teaching of Jewish culture in universities has developed increasingly in recent decades with a wide variety of disciplinary, thematic and research approaches such as those found at Harvard, Chicago, Yale,…

    Maestría en el Estudio de las Adicciones
    • 6 de agosto de 2024
    • martes 16:00 a 22:00 horas
    • Modality: Presencial

    Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

    Maestría en Dirección y Liderazgo de Instituciones Educativas Innovadoras
    • 8 de agosto de 2024
    • jueves de 18:00 a 22:00 h.
    • Modality: Presencial con actividades en línea


    LaOfek: Especialidad en Intervención Educativa en Estudios Judaicos y Hebreo (Con enfoque en preescolar y primaria)
    Inscripciones abiertas Otoño 2024
    • 8 de agosto de 2024
    • lunes, martes y jueves de 9:00 a 14:00 h.
    • Modality: Blended (clases presenciales y en línea)

    Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

    Online Master of Jewish Studies
    Study the multifaceted universe of Jewish history, thought and civilization 100% online.
    • July 29, 2021
    • Modality: Online. Each week the student will have to carry out tasks and activities on the subject to be able to accredit the unit. Throughout each semester, periodic virtual meetings with the teacher are contemplated, in real time.

    In 2010, the Hebraic University opened its Master’s in Judaic Studies to offer an academic and multidisciplinary alternative to the study of Jewish culture. In order to respond to the needs and demands of a globalized Spanish-speaking world, we are now launching the Master of Jewish Studies in online…