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    Universidad Hebraica is looking for talented people who feel inspired by innovation and the growing participation of our community in Mexico and internationally. We are looking for individuals who feel driven by our motto: understand, act and transcend. Our admission process will make you feel accompanied and with a clear and friendly guide on the steps to follow. Contact us and tell us your interests. Student incorporation: Tel: (55) 52 45 86 00 exts. 114 and 217 Email: informacion@uhebraica.edu.mx We can help you in this decision that will positively impact the rest of your professional and personal development.

    Academic Offer

    The Hebrew University serves a large number of students and institutions through undergraduate and graduate programs in the areas of Jewish Studies, Education and Hebrew, in addition to numerous proposals to develop human potential in an academic and stimulating setting.

    Financial support

    Additionally, we have financial support directly from the Student Incorporation Area and agreements with institutions and organizations. Contact us to learn more and to tell you how to make an agreement with your organization. informacion@uhebraica.edu.mx