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    A Jewish university is so unique that its impact is almost indescribable. The place, the people, the programs, everything works to feed not only great minds, but also to drive innovation and strengthen our millennial identity, positioning ourselves as a unique institution within the Spanish-speaking Jewish community. During our first 28 years of existence, the UH has trained a new generation of students and teachers, passionate citizens who propel humanity forward and open new paths for development. However, just as we have exceeded expectations, the world has grown tremendously and the challenges too. That is why in Hebraica, we seek to capitalize on our knowledge and values to train the future leaders that our community and country require: bold thinkers and passionate educators, adaptable to change and committed to the complex problems facing our society. We are a community highly committed to academic quality and the development of people under the premises of Tikun Olam , which in Hebrew means, making our world a better place for all human beings. This is possible thanks to the commitment of our academics, collaborators and the support and encouragement of our community leaders and donors. The Hebraic University has a commitment to the future, not only of the Jewish community in Mexico and of our country, but also with the Jewish people and Israel. WE GREET YOU WITH A CORDIAL SHALOM!

    Dr. Daniel Fainstein

    Dr. Daniel Fainstein

    Decano y profesor de Estudios Judaicos de la Universidad Hebraica de México


    1. 1992

      Foundation of the Hebraic University on the Ashkenazi community campus in the Condesa neighborhood.

    2. 1993

      Opening of the Degree in Education and the Degree in Pedagogy.

    3. 1994

      Opening of the Degree in Anthropology with Judaic Studies.

    4. nineteen ninety six

      -First edition of the Universidad Hebraica magazine. -First student entitled to the Bachelor of Science in Education.

      nineteen ninety six
    5. 1997

      -Begin the Master of Science in Education. -Begin the PhD in Philosophy.

    6. 2000

      -An agreement is established with the National Pedagogical University. -Opening of the Degree in Pedagogy for in-service teachers.

    7. 2001

      -The Constantiner program starts. -Opening of the Master in Education with a specialty in Educational Leadership together with the Mandel Center in Jerusalem.

    8. 2003

      -Inauguration of the new Alejandro and Lily Saltiel headquarters on the Sefaradi Community campus. -Creation of the Professional Development Department to meet the growing demand for educational services for in-service teachers.

    9. 2004

      -First edition of the International Diploma in New Didactic Strategies for the Teaching of the Bible and Jewish History.

    10. 2005

      -International Colloquium: Jewish identities in an era of Globalization and Multiculturalism.

    11. 2006

      -Inauguration of the Kurian Fastlich Library.

    12. 2008

      -Opening of the Master in Jewish Studies.

    13. 2009

      -International seminar on Educational Quality. Leadership and Values.

    14. 2011

      -First International Congress on Education: the passion to teach and the art of learning. -Creation of the Hebrew Department in response to the demand for the study and teaching of the Hebrew language and its culture.

    15. 2012

      -International colloquium: Change, Leadership and Values.

    16. 2013

      -Opening of the Master in Addiction Prevention and Treatment. -Second International Congress: The Educator and the Jewish School in a changing world.

    17. 2014

      -First generation REMIX colloquium. -Second International Colloquium Management and Leadership: the challenges of change and transformation of educational institutions.

    18. 2015

      -Presentation of the 2010-2014 Institutional Report -Master’s Conference with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and launch of the Positive Psychology programs. -Opening of the Specialty in Educational Intervention in Jewish and Hebrew Studies as part of the New Teachers Program. -Obtaining RVOES for Postgraduate Programs in Addictions: -Specialties in psychotherapeutic intervention in addictions and preventive intervention in addictions, as well as a Master in the Study of Addictions. -Remix REMIX second generation. -Presentation of the book “The teacher as an investigator of his practice” – first generation of REMIX. -Program for future rabbis: Bachelor of Science and Technical Education -Alliance between the Hebraic University and the Anahuac University -Hebraic University Agreement – Middlebury University to pursue the Master’s Degree in Teaching Hebrew as a second language -Signature of the new alliance between Mount Sinai and the Hebraic University -Signature of the Hebraic University Agreement – Youth Integration Centers

    19. 2016

      -Third International Congress of Education: Festival of Educational Change -3rd. REMIX Colloquium, Network of Innovative Teachers -The art of teaching Mathematics, a new specialty of the UH -Alliance is signed between the Hebrew University and the University of Middlebury -The Master in Management and Leadership of Innovative Educational Institutions, new postgraduate course at the UH – Agreement signed between the Hebraic University and the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana -Abraham Skorka visits the Hebraic University -Recognition of the Seven Pillars of Education

    20. 2017

      -The first generation of LaOfek graduates: Specialty in Educational Intervention in Jewish and Hebrew Studies -Appointment of Dr. Yehuda Bar Shalom as new Rector of the Hebraic University of Mexico -Dr. Daniel Fainstein takes office as Dean of Jewish Studies -Presentation of the Institutional Report 2015-2017 -The International Jewish Film Festival in Mexico arrives at the Hebraic University -The UH present at the first International Jewish Book Fair -18th Graduation Ceremony of the Hebraic University -The Hebraic University presents its new free courses at line on the México X platform -UH present at the 30th UAEH University Book Fair -UH present at LIMUD Mexico Day 2017

    21. 2018

      -Visit of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks to the UH -The LaOfek program begins with the Orthodox sector in the Yeshivá Keter Torah -Launch of the Master in Leadership for International Humanitarian Action, developed by the Hebraic University, in conjunction with CADENA AC -Encounter with Shai Piron, Former Minister of Education of Israel -Study trip to Israel organized by the Department of Jewish Studies -Hebraic University in conjunction with ilo Education, presented the first edition of the congress “Countercurrent: Education to the Finnish”. -First edition of the Hosen Congress “From Trauma to Recovery” -Awarding Ceremony first essay contest “Israel in Mexico” -19th. UH Graduation Ceremony -UH and Monte Sinai Hebrew College implement online Hebrew course for high school youth -UH present at the 2018 International Jewish Book Fair -Ceremonia Saltiel Award for Teaching Excellence -UH is a member of the International Association of Universities of UNESCO -Unveiling Ceremony of the Plaque of the Center for Judaic Studies “Jaime and Raquel Chaljon” -The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education renews its support to the Hebrew University -New area of Innovation of the UH -Launch of the Master in Management and Leadership in Organizations and other offers on innovation issues -Tony Rallo’s keynote lecture “Technological trends: present and future” -Open dialogue with Shayetet 13: considered the best Israeli Special Forces Unit in the world. -Second Forum of the project “Jewish Peoplehood Latin America” -Presentation of the new Department of Jewish Education of the UH -First generation of students of the Cognitive Behavioral TEAM Therapy Certification -Specialists of the Feeling Good Institute visit the Hebraic University -Daniel Mintie, therapist of the Feeling Good Institute of California, visits the UH to teach a workshop on cognitive behavioral therapy and yoga

    22. 2019

      -Change of Presidency of the Board of Directors -Ceremony of delivery of seniority recognitions to collaborators who are serving the UH for years -Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education: IAZAMUT, organized by the Hebraic University, the Embassy of Israel and the Jewish Agency -Seminar “Education and identity in a changing world”, organized by the UH and the David Yellin School of Education in Israel -Awarding ceremony of the contest “Anatomy of the Jewish Educator” -Friends of the Hebraic University and Andrés Spokoiny, a dialogue on “Trends in Jewish philanthropy worldwide” -The UH participates in the World Day of Jewish Studies with complementary resources translated by the Department of Jewish and Hebrew Education -Panel “Addictions, new challenges and approaches for their prevention and treatment” -Awarding winners of the contest “Jewish Youth in Mexico”, organized by the UH -Graduation Ceremony of the first generation of Rab graduates graduated from the Majón Torah Vadaat Monte Sinai -Conference “Innovation and entrepreneurship” by Marcus Dantus of Shark Tank Mexico and Director of Startup Mexico. -The Hebraic University through the Directorate for Professionalization and Inter-institutional Development of the Institute for the Care and Prevention of Addictions in Mexico City (IAPA) offered face-to-face training. -Debate “Jewish Education out of the box: four experiences of educational leadership”, organized by the Department of Jewish and Hebrew Education. -Second Yom Iyun “Day of Reflection and Study” -UH is part of the global initiative Our Common Destiny that took place in Jerusalem, Israel -Hebraic University, Mount Sinai Community and the Israeli Embassy presented the Open Day UH -Collective Maytiv Positive Psychology course in school intervention at the Colegio Hispano Inglés de León, Guanajuato -10a. FICJM University Exhibition in the facilities of the UH -20a. Graduation UH: understand, act and transcend -Study trip “From Jerusalem to Safed” -Hebraic University present at the 2018 International Jewish Book Fair (FILJU) -Signature of collaboration agreement between the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the UH, -Israel Latin American Network (ILAN) and the Hebraic University sign collaboration agreement

    23. 2020

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    24. 2021

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    25. 2022

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    26. 2023

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