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    Institutional Report 2015-2017

    Institutional Report 2015-2017

    This Report compiles the most important actions of the first phase of implementation of the Institutional Strategic Plan for the period 2015-2017, whose achievements have been possible thanks to the leadership, tireless and committed collaboration of the professional and volunteer team. Some of the main achievements that are reflected in this report:

    • Laofek, the new Jewish Studies teacher program, recognized by the Israel Pincus Fund as one of the most innovative projects in the Jewish world.
    • Middlebury School of Languages, United States: the strategic alliance with one of the most important universities worldwide in language teaching so that together we form a new generation of instructional leaders in the teaching of the Hebrew language in Mexico and throughout Latin America
    • INDEX – Evaluation of Boards: development and application of an instrument to improve the performance of Boards of the Jewish school network in Mexico. A unique experience in Latin America.
    • PJ Library: implemented not only in Mexico but expanded throughout Latin America.
    • Dean’s Office in Jewish Studies: its creation and the valuable contribution through its programs in which the best of the academic world in this field participate.
    • Enrollment growth: in the last 3 years as a result of new academic offerings together with the improvement in academic quality.
    • Published books: Remix I and II; and Anthology of Jewish Studies.

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