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    The Institutional Memory 2010-2014

    The Institutional Memory 2010-2014

    The Institutional Report 2010-2014 summarizes the results of the Institution’s work during the last four years. This document synthesizes the numerous programs and projects of the Hebraic University at the service of the community and society in general. We invite you to read the speeches and testimonies that were presented at the event Message from Esther Nehmad President of the Board of Directors, Universidad Hebraica  ‘A dream, a commitment, a mission, is the theme of the invitation to this event. That is the essence of what is calling us today, since at the Hebraic University we have the firm and powerful conviction that any better future is possible thanks to education … ‘Message from Daniel Saadia President Executive Committee, Hebraic University  ‘The Hebraic University, as the institution of higher education of the Jewish community of Mexico, the only one of its kind in Latin America, is committed to achieving the highest educational standards, as well as training in our millennial legacy of Jewish traditions and values for all the children and youth of our community… ‘Testimony of Meital Rabey Egresada, Universidad Hebraica  ‘There is a great interest here for Jewish education, for constant innovation, and a permanent search for educational excellence and a deep concern for Hebrew as the central axis of Jewish identity and the link with Medinat Israel … ‘ Message from Rafael Hop President, Vaad Hajinuj  ‘At Vaad Hajinuj we have the mission and commitment that the quality of education in our schools continues to strengthen and is increasingly relevant, competitive and innovative at the national and international level … ‘ If you want to know more about this program , fill out the form and you can download it


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