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    Hebrew Language Learning Online Courses

    We want the ancient language of the Jewish people to be on everyone's lips!
    Field: Jewish and Hebrew Education
    Learn the basics for learning modern Hebrew, writing and reading letters, as well as main expressions of greeting and introduction.

    The courses are taught at different levels, determined according to the guidelines of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ACTFL and with the Proficiency Approach approach. Some reasons to enroll in our Hebrew courses:

    • Our teaching approach is based on competencies (profficiency approach)
    • We have all levels of language study
    • Synchronous online classes with the possibility of interacting with the teacher in real time
    • We are the only entity in Mexico authorized to accredit expert Hebrew translators, recognized by the Supreme Court of Justice
    • At the UH you will learn not only the language, but the Hebrew culture
    • It has Israeli and Mexican teachers specializing in second language teaching
    • The UH is a highly specialized institution in this field of study and is characterized by offering personalized attention to its students.
    • You will have follow-up and support from the teacher throughout the course.

    Synchronous mode: Classes are held in weekly sessions through virtual classes in real time. In this modality you will have the opportunity to study 2 sub-levels of Hebrew every semester. Each semester has 16 sessions. Basic level 1 are: Online: Wednesday 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Regular cost: $ 5,900 ENROLL NOW WITH A 20% DISCOUNT Cost with benefit: 2 payments of $ 2,360

    Basic Beginner Level 1:

    Students learn the entire Hebrew alphabet, both in print and handwritten, as well as 100 words and basic grammatical structures. They understand dialogue and songs from the daily context, as well as the ability to introduce themselves.

    Medium Beginner Level:

    Students learn 100 words and reinforce basic grammatical structures learned in the previous level. They are able to read and listen to texts from everyday life such as dialogues, songs, information about places, etc.

    High Beginner level (the 2 groups are the same):

    At this level you will learn what is related to time, greetings, what we do at different times of the day. Likewise, you will understand videos and audios about what Israeli personalities do in their free time and you will learn to tell what you do during the day, to better describe nearby places and people.

    Basic Intermediate Level:

    At this level you will begin to speak in the past tense. The topic we will learn in class will be clothing and weather. You will learn to participate in casual conversations about the weather and the clothes you commonly wear. You will also be able to describe basic events in your life.

    Middle Intermediate Level:

    At this level you are already able to express yourself in paragraphs on topics close to your life, such as hobbies, weather, agenda, studies, family and food. In this level you will learn to describe your neighborhood, city and house with more vocabulary. You will also be able to participate in conversations about familiar topics and little by little new topics such as songs and Israeli culture.

    Upper Intermediate Level:

    At the intermediate intermediate level, students already master most of the immediate contexts, such as work, hobbies, friends, family, etc. At this level you will learn to master new contexts such as Israeli culture, news, people of Israel, and songs.

    Prof. Dafna Saslavsky

    Director of the Department of Jewish and Hebrew Education

    Graduated from the Master’s Degree “The Art of Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language” from Middlebury University, USA. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from Anahuac University and a Specialty in Human Resources from the same university. He has postgraduate studies in Jewish Education from the Melton Center…

    Phone numbers: (55) 52 45 86 00
    National toll free: 800 8908 474
    Jaqueline Amaro: +52(55) 21 44 69 33
    Fernanda García: +52(55) 38 79 92 86

    This program does not have a Recognition of Official Validity of Studies from the Ministry of Public Education.

    • Start:
      August 4, 2021
    • End:
      7 de diciembre 2022
    • Schedule:
      Wednesday 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., CDMX time.
    • Modality:
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