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    Live online course «Debriefing: Transforming your business using the Israeli Air Force methodology and Artificial Intelligence»

    This course will be delivered in English.
    Área: Innovación
    The Israeli Air Force is universally recognized to be among the world’s most powerful and efficient aerial fighting forces, training their pilots in less than 250 flight training hours, less than half of the global average.

    What’s their secret?: Debriefing

    This course will enable you and your team to maximize potential by creating a culture of high performance and continuous improvement.


    Who is this for?

    Entrepreneurs and senior-management


    You will learn:

    • How to apply the Brief-Debrief methodology (developed by the IAF) to your business, focusing on practical, tangible changes that can be implemented quickly to improve outcomes under rapidly changing circumstances.
    • How to foster a culture of constant improvement and adaptation that allows teams to incorporate past successes and failures as part of their daily work routine to improve performance and drive personal and business growth.

    Cost of the program

    $26,000 MXN
    (1,300 USD)

    Takeoff – Introduction to the methodology


    Self Debriefing - WWH Question Method and practice


    Self Debriefing - Roundtable sessions for self improvement


    Flights Board - Where are you flying to? What’s your destination? What are your flights?


    1st Flight Debrief - Self Debriefing by participants according to their flights


    Team Debrief - How to collaborate through learning in the most effective and efficient way.


    Advanced Debrief - Which are your most advanced tools for taking your learning to the next level.


    What’s next?


    Moshik Schur

    CEO at Shamaym Va' aretz

    Incorporación estudiantil:
    Conmutador: (55) 52 45 86 00
    Llamada nacional sin costo: 800 8908 474
    Jaqueline Amaro: +52(55) 21 44 69 33
    Alina Rementeria: +52(55) 38 79 92 86
    • Inicio:
      October 14th
    • Fin:
      December 2nd
    • Horario:
      Thursdays from 8:00-10:00 PM (CST)
    • Duración:
      8 sessions
    • Modalidad:
      Synchronous online sessions
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