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    Master in Management and Leadership in Organizations (with a focus on innovation)

    Become a strategic, divergent and disruptive leader! Strengthen your managerial skills to create innovative solutions.
    Field: Innovation
    Develop in students a strategic, innovative and transformative vision focused on management, the development of leadership skills and tools to promote innovation.

    The Hebraica University Master’s in Management and Leadership in Organizations is a unique learning experience designed to strengthen your managerial and leadership skills. It offers an axis of innovation, with more current and proven methodologies and models, which will allow you to enhance creative thinking for solving problems, as well as for creating new projects. The program incorporates the participation of prominent instructors and professors from Mexico and Israel, with extensive practical experience. Throughout the program you will be able to generate ideas to create competitive advantages in your organization, strengthen your management, leadership and strategic vision capabilities, as well as to promote collaborative work, technological integration and critical, analytical and systematic thinking. Why study MASTERY at UH?

    • We provide a personalized training approach that starts from an initial diagnosis of managerial skills.
    • We have high-level academic links in Mexico, Israel and other countries.
    • We use national and international cases, which favor meaningful learning, as well as the transfer and applicability of various models.
    • We promote the values of Jewish ethics with universal relevance from an academic and secular perspective.
    • We develop analytical, self-reflective and evaluative thinking in the different areas of organizational work regardless of the size or maturity of your organization.

    Competences to develop: MANAGEMENT COMPETENCES: We promote strategic, systematic and analytical thinking, and the ability to create value in your organization, initiative or project. LEADERSHIP COMPETENCES: We promote your personal and professional development through self-knowledge, the acquisition of new competencies, self-reflective practice and the application of the most current and proven leadership models. INNOVATION COMPETENCES: We promote disruptive, creative and systematic thinking, creating flexible business models that deliver value. The central concept of the innovation axis is to help you enhance your creative capacity applied to problem solving, putting people at the center of the process.

    Change and organizations

    • Business intelligence in organizations
    • Analytical foundations

    Strategic thinking

    • Strategic analysis
    -Value creation -Governance

    Project management

    • Operations management
    • Administration and management

    Sustainability and change

    • Financial planning and management

    Management skills

    • High direction

    Talent development

    • Human factor
    • Personal address

    Transformative leadership

    • Innovation and leadership
    • Leadership for change


    • Marketing planning and operation
    • Digital marketing


    • Entrepreneurship in organizations
    • Lean Startup Model
    • Business Canvas Model

    Innovation and creative thinking

    • Strategies to promote systematic thinking and innovation.
    • Design Thinking

    Development and evaluation of projects in organizations

    • Draft application for degree


    Mtro. Fernando Ardura

    CEO of Traffilog Latin America, a subsidiary of Traffilog Israel

    Fernando Cabrera

    Director General at Quality SC

    Dr. Jorge Gómez

    General Director of the Winn Innovation agency and Academic Director of the DB Academy

    Dr. Yair Sakov

    Program Advisor, Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Tel Aviv University

    Emiliano Silva Prudkovsky

    Professor of the Master in Management and Leadership in the Organizations of the UH

    Tadeo Olivarría

    Consultant and advisor on leadership, strategy and development issues

    Joaquín Lladó

    Academic Coordinator of the Department of Education and Welfare

    Phone numbers: (55) 52 45 86 00
    National toll free: 800 8908 474
    Jaqueline Amaro: +52(55) 21 44 69 33
    Alina Rementeria: +52(55) 38 79 92 86

    This program has an Official Validity Recognition of Studies (RVOE) before SEP No. 20194164 dated June 28, 2018.

    • Start:
      September 7, 2020
    • Schedule:
      Monday from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    • Duration:
      6 quarters (2 years)
    • Modality:
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