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    Online Diploma Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopment Bobath

    Field: Wellness and Psychotherapy Area
    In this course, the participants will know, understand, discover the causes, the consequences of Sensory Integration Dysfunction (DIS), as well as the treatment of Sensory Integration. They will also identify, plan and structure a suitable work plan for a child with BAD, as well as the inclusion of neurodevelopmental treatment in early stimulation, either in the classroom or at home.

    Aimed at: Professionals interested in working with children from 0 to 6 years old in the area of sensory integration and neurodevelopment and mothers with an interest in understanding, learning and effectively stimulating their children with some difficulty in this area. Cost: 10 monthly payments of $ 2,800. Check the benefits for early registration and payment in a single exhibition.


    • What is sensory integration?
    • Causes
    • Development of Sensory Integration
    • What is the sensation?
    • What is the arousal?
    • Perception and proprioception
    • Adaptive responses
    • Vestibular system
    • What is praxis?
    • Sensory reactivity
    • Characteristics of a child with Sensory Integration Dysfunction (DIS)
    • Neurological findings associated with DIS
    • Assessment (SPM, SIPT, OBSERVATIONS)
    • Suggested exercises
    • What can parents do?
    • Suggested therapy
    • How is your learning ability affected?
    • Skin defensiveness
    • Body painting as sensory integration therapy in children


    • The Concept of Neurodevelopment. Definition.
    • The essential of the NDT Bobath philosophy
    • History and evolution.
    • What is Bobath Therapy?
    • Normal developmental reactions
    • Postures or straightening
    • Balance
    • Introduction to the principle of treatment.
    • Inhibition and facilitation concept
    • Key control points.
    • Treatment
    • Tone and posture management.
    • Attachments for treatment
    • Role of the family
    • Cerebral palsy. Definition
    • Incidence and causes
    • Early treatment
    • PCI Bobath classification.
    • Prevention.
    • Early signs of developmental deviations
    • Early treatment
    • Facilitation techniques.


    Mtra. Raquel Kaplan

    Maestra en Educación y Docencia y maestra en Psicomotricidad

    Joaquín Lladó

    Academic Coordinator of the Department of Education and Welfare

    Phone numbers: (55) 52 45 86 00
    National toll free: 800 8908 474
    Jaqueline Amaro: +52(55) 21 44 69 33
    Alina Rementeria: +52(55) 38 79 92 86

    This program does not have an Official Validity Recognition for Studies from the Ministry of Public Education.

    • Start:
      September 14, 2020
    • End:
      July 5, 2021
    • Schedule:
      Monday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., CDMX time
    • Duration:
      34 sessions
    • Modality:
      synchronous sessions online
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