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    Online course Judaism in Art History I: from antiquity to the late Middle Ages

    Field: Judaic Studies
    In this course we will analyze the artistic manifestations of the Jewish people throughout the different historical and cultural contexts of which it has been part, knowing the work of art from its aesthetics, its function and its material structure within its historical context. At the end of the course, you will have the necessary tools to analyze the temporal development of Jewish art throughout its history.

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    Basic coordinates for the study of art

    • What is the art?
    • Interpretation and coding techniques of art.
    • Iconography as an analysis tool.
    • Identification of the color palette Composition issues.
    • Techniques and materials.
    • Ancient art

    Jewish art

    • What is Jewish art and what have been its scope?
    • The concept of art in the Bible.
    • Discussions on the parameters of art in Judaism.

    The first manifestations of Hebrew art

    • The art of the Israelites.
    • The Bull statue.
    • The altars of worship.
    • The drawings by Kuntillet Ajrud.
    • The Jebus statuettes.
    • The ivories of Samaria

    Art according to Biblical literature

    • The Eden.
    • La Teva.
    • The Ark of the Covenant.
    • The altar and the concept of sacrifice.

    Egyptian art as one of the antecedents of Jewish culture and art

    • Life.
    • Death.
    • The grave and the funeral rite.
    • The temple.

    The Mishkan and its symbolic development

    • Material characteristics
    • Symbolic characteristics.
    • The inheritance of the Egyptian world in the exercise of the tabernacle.

    Solomon's first Temple

    • The idea of a heavenly architecture.
    • The measurements and characteristics of the Temple.
    • The heritage of the Egyptian world in the exercise of the temple.

    Solomon's second Temple

    • The Temple of Zerubbabel.
    • The temple of the Maccabees.
    • The temple of the Jews under Roman power.

    The art after the destruction of the Temple

    • The emerging art after the second Temple.
    • Dura Europos: The problem of human representation. Bet She`arim.
    • The Roman Jewish catacombs.

    Jewish art in the IV-VI centuries of the common era

    • Byzantine art as context.
    • The synagogues of Capernaum, Hamat Tiberias, Sepphoris and their mosaic art.
    • Beit Alfa and Sardis.

    Medieval art and its influence on Judaism

    • Historical framework of medieval art.
    • Construction of the institution of the Church. Medieval jewish art
    • Historical context of the European Jewish communities during the Middle Ages.
    • Jewish culture in the medieval world: Ashkenaz and Sephardim.

    Medieval Jewish Art II

    • The European Hagadot: The paraphernalia of the Jewish holidays in the Middle Ages.
    • Anti-Semitism in Christian art.

    Medieval Jewish Art III

    • The influence of Islamic art on Judaism.
    • Jewish religious architecture in Sepharad.
    • Study on the Transit synagogue.
    • Sephardic music and its spread.

    The expulsion of the Jews from Spain

    • The blood libels.
    • The role of converts.
    • The Holy Office.
    • The main expulsion edicts.
    • The consequences of the Iberian expulsion.


    Dr. Luis G. Huitron

    Doctor in Art History

    Araceli Calderón

    Coordination of Management of Jewish Education, Hebrew and Judaic Studies

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