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    Webinar “Codependency: family and addictions “

    Free event / limited space
    Webinar  “Codependency: family and addictions “
    The Wellness and Psychotherapy Area invites to the webinar

    “Codependency: family and addictions “ Codependency is a frequent problem in the family dynamics of the consumer that significantly affects couple, parental, friendship or work relationships. It is a disorder that seriously compromises mental health and, in turn, reinforces and maintains consumer behaviors. It is necessary that the significant persons of the user identify the characteristics of this condition in order to focus efforts towards rehabilitation. Taught by: Mtra. Xochitl Mejía Mencias , therapeutic director of the Tonalli Human Development Center, an institution dedicated to the treatment, care and prevention of addictive disorders and codependency.  Together with:

    • Start:
      Monday August 17, 2020
    • Schedule:
      From 10:00 to 11:00 hours, CDMX time
    • Place: